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Our Team

We are dedicated and experienced.

About Our Team

Support Facilitators

Each onboarding team member undergoes training delivered by experienced and qualified trainers. During induction, Support Facilitators are introduced to frameworks that guide the organisation and each individual’s therapeutic practice. This includes discussions on Trauma-Informed Care, Attachment Theory, and Healing Interventions when working with Young People in our care. 

Support Facilitators are also trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, and supported in their role through shadow shifts and case-specific inductions delivered by a supervisor, allowing for a gradual transition. As a learning organisation, every team member at Arches is provided with opportunities for continuous learning and development through additional training on various topics relating to the delivery of high quality care.

Meet Our Founders & Managing Directors

Creating a New Pathway for Young People.

Sarah Macleish

Founder & Managing Director

Jordan McCaul

Co-Founder & Shadow Director

Real Support Services focuses on Staff Wellbeing, Ongoing Certification and Training.

Meet Our Senior Management & Training Leaders

Delivering High Accountability, High Support & Professional Conduct.

Emilio Giocondo

Service Coordinator (Moreton Bay Region)

Jesslyn Chong

Service Coordinator (South West Region)

Leland Paison

Organisational Learning and Development Leader

Stella-Maree Marcheff

Wellbeing Leader

Kayla Fernance

Manager | People & Purpose

Our Organisational Network Chart​

At Real Support Services, we believe that transparency with the delivery of service is paramount to leading meaningful change for our clients.

Within this chart you will see how our teams work with clients and other teams to ensure the best delivery of service.

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We Proudly Work Alongside