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Support for Young People, Families, Caregivers & Service Providers

We are a Human Services organisation focused on Youth and Family Intervention Support and Carer Support to assist with placement stability.

The REACH Values

The REACH Values serve to assist our team to set a standard of professionalism while simultaneously cultivating best practices required for successful strength-based client care.

ARCHES Practice Framework

The ARCHES Practice Framework is designed to support positive behaviour responses. It is tailored to meet each individual clients needs.

Free Online Resources

We discuss topics that are specific to Young People, Carers' and Families, and other Agencies. These are available for free and are designed to help.

Our Vision

Empowering Individuals to Empower Themselves

Real Support Services provides outreach support for Young People who are engaging in high risk behaviours, who are at risk of homelessness, and those who require assistance in transitioning between homes or placements while assisting with development of independent living skills.

We offer in Home Support to assist biological Parents, Foster Parents, and kin Carers to sustain family units and assist in the prevention of statutory interventions.

Overview of Our Services

We Deliver Five Diverse Types of Support

Intensive Intervention Support

Support Facilitators work with Families in their homes. Support is tailored to assist Reunifications, Intervention with Parental Agreements, Kin and Foster Placements.

Weekend Respite and Emergency Response

Support Facilitators provide weekend respite and emergency response to placements and young people in distress.

Transportation Assistance and Supervised Contacts

Support Facilitators can provide basic transport assistance for clients to appointments, including practical support to and from school, supervised contact arrangements, and more.

Residential Placement Support and Independent Living Skills

Support Facilitators assist Young People who struggling within residential placements, requiring assistance to transition to independent living models or stabilise in care homes

Youth Engagement: Outreach, Mentoring and Diversionary Support for Young People

Support Facilitators can provide weekend respite and emergency response to placements and young people in distress. This includes after hour emergency support, and weekend hours wherein Young People can engage in activities outside the placement to allow Carers and Young People time for self-care, de-escalation of high stress situations and preservation of relationships.

Our Service Delivery Approach

Our Service Delivery Approach is designed to assist Carers, Young People, Stakeholders and Families through the implementation of the Arches Practice Framework, underpinned by Therapeutic Relationships, Trauma Informed Practices, Realistic Case Planning and an overall Collaborative Approach.

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Please Reach Out If You Need Support

We help Young People, Carers, Families, and other Agencies.